Welcome to Clinikal


Clinikal is a Electric Medical Records application.
Clinical offers a new experience of administrative and medical management for variety of clinics.
The foundation of the application is the popular open source OpenEMR, we developed new layer of Fhir API base on Zend Framework modules and new and modern React.js application for an improved user experience.
Clinikal continues to use OpenEMR interfaces as Content Management System for manage users, permissions, lists etc. (we doesn't supply full integration between old data from Openemr screens to Clinikal interfaces)

The principle that guides us is clean and clear.
Each user sees only the screens and forms relevant to his role in the clinic.
This ability is caused by using a system of roles and privileges for each profession in the clinic and a different installation process for each medical field which creates an innovative and convenient user experience.

We provide solutions for the following fields of medicine:

Medical Emergency Center

Clinikal for Medical Emergency Center available in production version.
Include features (partial list):
1. Real-time patient tracking board
2. Patient managing
3. Encounter sheet with a dedicated forms for Emergency centers:
* Medical admission
* Tests and treatments
* Diagnosis and recommendations
4. Discharged letter
5. Prescriptions
6. Encounters report