This project sponsored by Israeli Ministry Of Health to promote EMR products in Israel and designed first for Israeli developers community.

Therefore the initial status after installation compatible with Israeli clinics by default.

Most of the Israeli behavior can be changed by the settings manager and part waiting to development in the future.

The default language of the system when you setup Emergency medicine clinic is Hebrew.
To change language go to Globals setting in the Openemr project, Administration -> Globals -> Locale -> Default Language.
Currently the language of client application is based on Openemr languages system, the application support Hebrew and English and can be extend using Openemr tools.

Future language features-
* client-side translation based on i18n files.

Format date
The default format date is 'DD/MM/YYYY'.
Can be changed in Administration -> Globals -> Locale

Identifier types
The system is initialized with a list of identifier types is used in Israel.
The list can be changed in Administration -> Forms -> Lists -> User Defined List 3